If you’re uncomfortable with the appearance of your legs it can prevent you from dressing in certain types of clothing. This self-consciousness may even deter you from achieving goals that depend on body confidence. You shouldn’t have to suffer through these limitations. Thigh lifts may be an effective solution to help you wear your inner beauty on the outside.

Time can gradually change the silhouette of your legs, and in this lift procedure, also known as thighplasty, your limbs are contoured for a smoother and more proportioned shape.

Reshaping your confidence

There are three types of thighplasty procedures, namely:

  • Inner thigh lift – If you struggle to firm up here, this surgery is ideal for you. It can reduce fat and excess skin with poor elasticity gained through aging and extreme weight loss.


  • Bilateral thigh lift – This procedure is done on the front part of the leg, around your bikini area. It serves to remove excess skin from the right and left side of the incision.


  • Medial thigh lift – Done on the upper portion of the inner thigh, this surgery assists patients who simply aren’t satisfied with the contours of their legs.

Before you’re given the green light for any of these procedures, an experienced surgeon will inform you of the benefits and risks involved in thigh lifts. Please be advised that undergoing these surgeries while pregnant or on a weight-loss plan may negatively affect your results.

Uplifting your spirits

Whether you want an inner, bilateral or medial thigh lift, FHF can fund your procedure. We supply financial cover specifically designed to deal with cosmetic surgery on a tight budget.

Contact us today to find out how we can assist.

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