Credit, the handsome solution – FHF offers loans for cosmetic surgery procedures. Plastic surgery loans continue to grant opportunities to those who may never have been able to afford the payments outright. For any budget, beauty products and the pursuit of the perfect body ranks highly for any average South African’s monthly or annual spending pattern, despite harsh (yet recoverable) economic crises.R45 million, this is the total value of all applications received over the past few months. Customers are seemingly ignoring the global recessions – a recession that forced many of us into putting off that luxury car purchase, or selecting a ‘no-name’ brand in lieu of brand names that we know and love. FHF may be a niche company, but they have secured a foothold into the hearts of consumers countrywide.Jason Sive, CEO of First Health Finance, stated the Lipstick Index as a defining index for many who have decided to spend, even though times are exceedingly tough. People will spend more money than the norm, simply so that they can appear healthy, radiant and sexy, even during highly unstable times. FHF begun its reign a little over a year and a half ago, during the heyday of the global recession, yet it has still managed to thrive, receiving loan applications to the total some of ten million Rand within its very first months of inception.Jason also stated that FHF could have done far better, exceeding even his own expectations despite the recession, yet steady growth continued, one month after the other. This can be attributed to the company being new, with the first year of growth focused on education towards the client. Customers are willing to pay, despite their lack of spending money.

An operation such as breast augmentation can cost anything from R25, 000 and upwards. In any recession, this would be perceived as a great sum of money. Yet it has become the most popular surgical procedure, even by those who simply cannot afford it. As far as statistics go, the average age of applicant is 33 years of age, with 70% of the applicants originating from Gauteng. The majority of the applicants also happen to be female. As for men, FHF states that 20% of all applicants who apply are male, and most of them seem to be enquiring about tummy tucks. The cosmetic surgery industry is massive, and FHF only makes up a small portion of these enticing surgical options.

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