If you’re not ready for surgery … Coolsculpting might just be the perfect solution for you!

  1. Are you within 3 to 10 kilos of your ideal body weight?
  2. Do you have noticeable bulges or bumps that you would like reduced?
  3. Do you want subtle, natural-looking results?
  4. Do you want a procedure with little pain or discomfort?
  5. Do you need a procedure with no downtime?

FDA-cleared, this patented Cryolipolysis procedure uses a safe, precisely controlled sub-zero temperature which freezes the fat cells without damaging the skin. Only fat cells are frozen! Once crystallized the fat cells die and are absorbed and flushed away (naturally) by the body over the next few months.

No knives. No suction hoses. No needles. No scars.

Each selected area takes approximately one hour. Patients can sit or lie down during the treatment. As the applicator is applied to the fatty area, the skin tissue is drawn up between two cooling panels with an intense vacuum – a sensation of cold is experienced which dulls after the first ten minutes.

An average of 20% fat reduction can be expected in the treated area, but some patients have reported a reduction of up to 40% in the treated area!

As this procedure is non-surgical, patients can return to normal activities immediately. Changes may be noticed as quickly as three weeks after treatment but the most dramatic results after two to four months. Patients can expect to pay between R7000 to R12000 per treatment.