Thread veins are extremely common and sometimes embarrassing. Generally they affect the face, body and legs. The causes of thread veins are unknown although they may be caused by changes in temperature, hormonal changes, smoking, alcohol and prolonged standing as well as being a possible inherited condition.

Laserderm offers two forms of treatment:

Sclerotherapy – involves the injecting of a sclerosing substance which obliterates the veins. Ideal for small and slightly larger spider veins on the legs. Elasticized stockings are generally recommended especially if you are flying during the first 48 hours.

Laser Vein Removal – Laser treatment for veins works by coagulating the vessel which over time is absorbed by the body and gradually disappears. Lasers are targeted and accurate and therefore only affect the area being treated; as such they are an extremely safe method of treatment. The treatment is quick and can be likened to the sensation of being flicked with an elastic band.

Different types of lasers are used depending on the type of vein: namely ND Yag and Pulsed Dye Lasers. The Pulsed dye lasers also treat a host of vascular lesions. The number of treatments required varies depending on the type of Vascular Lesion. Patients can come in for treatment and resume normal activities when their treatment is done. Pricing ranges from R700 to R2000.