Many people around the world experience hair loss, with the most common variation being pattern baldness. The condition often leaves sufferers feeling discouraged and looking for ways to regain their crowning glory. Fortunately, the effects of alopecia can successfully be countered with transplantation surgery.

The ideal hairy situation

Surgical hair restoration is primarily used to treat pattern balding. The procedure is minimally invasive, meaning the incisions made are small and not plainly visible. In fact, it’s easily performed under local anaesthesia, and candidates are most often signed up as outpatients.

During the operation, your surgeon transplants hair from a healthy donor site to the section where balding is evident. The doctor will choose the contributing strands according to how resistant the root area is to alopecia.

Apart from being used to cure pattern balding, the procedure also restores:

  • Eyelashes
  • Eyebrows
  • Beards
  • Hair lost due to scars

Before surgery, a practitioner will discuss what you can expect and the best way to carry out the operation. They may recommend that you have either single or multiple sessions. What’s more, you may also get advice on the activities and medications you need, or should avoid, before and after treatment.

No cost too high

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