Hair implant surgery has become a popular cosmetic surgery. There are apparently many different hair loss treatments on the market today and most make various claims of success. Some of them are true, others blatantly false, and this is especially true when it has to do with growing hair from a bald spot. Growing hair from a bald spot is almost impossible, so there is no alternative but to have a hair implant procedure.

Most men who have hair loss have a condition known as Androgenetic Alopecia or Male Pattern Baldness (MPB). This condition leads to hair follicles becoming useless as a result of DHT bonding with receptors, stopping growth altogether. The hair becomes thin and eventually is lost. The follicle can never return to its original function of growing hair once this has taken place.

Hair implants are the only route a patient can take when trying to grow hair again. A cosmetic surgeon usually performs this treatment as it involves removing active hair follicles from an area that houses solid hair growth. These are then inserted into the bald area. There are different types of hair implants, and consultations with your doctor will determine which will be the most suitable for you.

The largest form of implant is known as the strip graft. This is a slice of scalp containing about 30 hairs. It is removed from the active area and then placed inside a small incision in the patient’s scalp (the balding area). This method usually is noticeable as the hairs are in a straight line. The plug graft is also fairly noticeable – it is a round section of hair that is inserted in the same way as a strip graft and if not performed correctly it will seem horribly out of place on the scalp.

The mini-graft is a method used by the surgeon, a method that is almost unnoticeable when inserted properly – although a close look at the head can reveal the proof of surgery. This insertion usually contains a smaller group of hairs at a time. The most effective method of women and men’s hair replacement that is also the most natural looking is a procedure called the micro-graft.

This involves removing individual follicles growing in the same area, and inserting them in a way that hides them amongst natural hair. This makes it impossible to identify unnatural hair amongst real hair. This form of hair replacement is also the most cost prohibitive and may take multiple surgeries to complete.