Recently, gastric bypass surgery has been both praised and criticized as a method of losing weight for obese individuals. Certain doctors feel that people are considering this procedure an easy solution. Others claim that this medical procedure is a wonderful medical achievement that will save many lives. Once an individual has been through a gastric bypass procedure, there are many potential complications, and there are also lifestyle changes that need to be made. This is not a decision that should be taken quickly; as it needs deep consideration and thought. One should also make sure that the doctor is properly qualified in this field.

This surgery is also known as “stomach stapling” or “stomach folding.” This is because the doctor is actually stapling or folding your stomach, as it is being restructured to a smaller size. You will not be able to eat as much food, you will feel “full” very quickly, and you will end up losing weight at a rapid pace.

The “bypass” part of the procedure, refers to the bypassing of the connection to part of the small intestine. This bypassing restricts the absorption of calories, as well as nutrients, hence the rigid vitamin supplement diet that normally occurs after the procedure.