Fertility clinics provide answers for couples who have desperately been searching for a means to conceive – this includes procedures such as artificial insemination (AI). Artificial insemination is a highly advanced form of reproductive technology: Firstly, a sperm is harvested and prepared, and then directly inserted into the uterus, cervical canal and either the fallopian tube or the ovarian follicle. Many couples have been diagnosed with infertility; they have failed to conceive after a full year of intercourse. Other various fertility treatments have sadly resulted in a negative outcome, now it is time for action. When a single woman wants to conceive, AI via sperm donor is her best course of action.

Your physician will decide if AI is the correct course for you, they will also determine if this treatment will assist you in your goal of fertility. If pregnancy is contraindicated, if there is a severe case of pelvic adhesions, abnormal sperm or blocked fallopian tubes, then this procedure will in most cases not be recommended. Additionally, a far more aggressive AI treatment is needed for those with an advanced maternal age. This includes vitro fertilisation – the egg is harvested, and then paired with a sperm from a test tube.

Avoid excessive amounts of strain due to work or family commitments and ensure that they your schedule is clear, this is to stick to medical appointments and. What would the next logical steps be for the couple or individual who is considering AI? It begins with an artificial insemination treatment – starting with a comprehensive medical history that includes extensive testing. Women can expect to undergo an x-ray of their uterine cavity as well as their fallopian tubes. Men will have to submit a semen sample.

It will then be analysed and documented to determine the quality and number of viable sperm. After the testing is complete, women may choose to take a series of medications that would stimulate the production of their eggs. For some this can include a pleasant side-effect, in other words, multiple pregnancies occurring due to this specific form offertility treatment. Contact FHF today to apply for a surgical loan for your AI treatment.