A thigh lift also known as thighplasty; contours the thighs by removing excess skin and possibly fat, leaving the thigh smoother and better proportioned.

It is important for you as a patient to review the benefits of this specific surgery and determine whether the results will meet your expectations. It is always best to consult a registered plastic surgeon to discuss your needs and wants before going ahead with the procedure. This is when the surgeon will inform you of the risks of the procedure and discuss the information that they will need from you to plan your surgery accordingly.

It is of utmost importance that you follow all of the surgeon’s instructions in order for your recovery to be as easy and quick as possible. Be sure to ask as many questions as you can in order to give yourself peace of mind and comfort knowing that all is in order.

Thigh lift surgery takes about two to three hours to perform, depending on the severity of your condition and the amount of rectification that needs to take place. It is recommended to try and walk around a bit the day after the procedure to prevent blood clots from forming in your legs.

The results of this surgery should be noticeable almost immediately, although it will take several months for the final results to develop fully. In order to ensure that there are no drastic changes it is important to maintain your weight. There is a slight chance that with age the skin might not remain as firm; however the initial improvement should be relatively permanent.

If you are planning a pregnancy or should you wish to lose weight, it is best to postpone the procedure once this has occurred, otherwise you might be left with the same results you had before the procedure took place.