In a world where we are obsessed with physical appearance there is no room for cauliflower ears. Known as otoplasty, this is the procedure whereby the ears are sculptured or pinned closer to the head. This procedure is generally performed for cosmetic reasons to give the individual greater confidence over their physical appearance.

When the cosmetic surgery is performed on adults it is usually done so under local anaesthetic, and a mild sedative is given to the patient beforehand. The procedure will be performed on children under a general anaesthetic. The procedure can include reduction in the size of the ear or earlobe and/or the removal and contouring of excess skin and cartilage.

To begin the surgery, the surgeon will make an incision behind the ear in order to expose the cartilage. The cartilage is then shaped and excess skin is removed. Should the patient require the ear to be pinned closer to the head, this will be done next, and then the incision will be sutured closed. The procedure takes an average of two hours, but this can be longer or shorter depending on what is required.

There are several techniques that are used during otoplasty surgery and these methods can generally be divided into two groups, namely cartilage scoring and cartilage sparing. With cartilage scoring, incisions are made into the cartilage in order to remove, add or rearrange the tissue. With this method there is the risk of scarring, but these scars are often difficult to see. With cartilage sparing, stitches and sutures are used to manipulate the shape and position of the ear, which often results in smoother, more natural contours.

Ear pinning surgery combines both of these techniques, as well as skin removal, in order to position the ears closer to the head. By doing so, the surgeon can achieve the ideal shape and position of the ears. Should a patient require reconstructive ear surgery to correct cauliflower ears or ear defects as a result of injury, it will usually combine all of these as well as other reconstructive methods, to create a natural-looking ear.

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