In regards to facial implants, the world of modern surgery has provided opportunities for virtually anyone to improve their features. Your face is the most important part of your body, in terms of what people remember, and how the world views you. If for any reason you feel that your face is not well proportioned, then look towards modern medicine, for cosmetic surgery offers a solution. Facial implants are used by plastic surgeons to reshape a person’s face. Small pieces of special material are inserted via tiny incisions into your face, this creates a far more balanced and harmonised look – a new look is often achieved, and greater self confidence is provided.

Surgeons do caution patients to not to expect a perfect face, and patients should always have realistic expectations when considering a plastic surgery procedure. Through a general chat with your surgeon, they will help you to establish if this is what you actually require. A face that is out of proportion could be as a result of weak chin, a large nose and cheekbones that are not extended enough. Often, another cosmetic procedure goes hand in hand with this, such as a face lift.

There are many facial implants that one can choose. Mid-facial implants are employed when the times comes to augment the cheek to correctly present a certain fullness in the mid-face that was thought to be absent. To avoid ugly scarring, the mid-facial implants are inserted through the mouth, or even behind the hairline. Even placing implants through the eyelid is not unheard of in these procedures.

The implants are made from a wide range of materials; these include solid silicone and a porous polyethylene. This miraculous material actually includes pores, allowing one’s own tissue to successfully graft onto it over a period of time.

Augmentation of the nose is possible through nasal implants. This is a highly common procedure for the Asian population, as it creates a far more prominent nose, and a very notable change to the face. To further improve the contours of the face, jaw implants can be inserted via the lower mouth. This is a surefire way of creating the face you have always dreamed of, all thanks to these innovative plastic surgery procedures.