When going for face lift surgery (rhytidectomy), surgeons will tighten the skin on the lower and upper areas of the face. Some people may think that their face looks excessively old or tired and this may be due to the continued force of gravity. This results in the sagging or drooping of the face or facial creases, such as the deep folds around the mouth, or even the hanging skin under the chin – face lift surgery will benefit these patients the most.

Cosmetic surgery general, and face lift procedures in particular, are some of the most popular procedures for both men and women. Most patients who have undergone this surgery appear more youthful, as the skin is tauter and the patient appears to seem more wide awake. The face lift cost is typically dependant on several issues, but can be quite high if the surgeon is very experienced or if there is a high level of demand for the procedure in the area.

This cosmetic procedure can be performed in a number of ways, based on the decisions made by the patient. It is done under general aesthetic, and the doctor uses tiny incisions to ensure that the skin is pulled slightly tauter across your face. Most of these incisions are made in the hair of the temple, around the ear and back into the hair behind the ear. Through these small incisions, skin and tissue is lifted slightly, and pulled back to tighten the lower face and upper neck area. Dedicated focus is given in ensuring that the skin is smoothed out, but not to the extent that the patient appears “air brushed”. Sometimes staples are used to close the upper layer of the incision, and these are removed a few days after surgery.

It is not uncommon for an eye lift surgery, brow lift or lipoplasty to be performed concurrently with the face lift. The patient will be required to stay in the hospital for one night for observation. Movement is restricted for five days post surgery, but bandages should be removed within 24 hours after the surgery. Full sensation in the face should return within a few months. There will be some bruising and puffiness, but side effects should be minor. For reliable face lift financing contact FHF today, and enjoy a more youthful appearance as your skin becomes smooth and wrinkle free.