The price of a chin implant cost may seem expensive but in most cases, the feeling of well-being experienced by patients following the procedure warrants the initial expenditure. Chin implant surgery involves a molding of the chin by means of an implant in order to achieve facial harmony and is frequently performed in conjunction with rhinoplasty(also known as a ‘nose job’).Often, when an individual has a receding chin, the nose tends to look too large in relation to the rest of the facial features – chin augmentation restores harmony by balancing this perceived imperfection.A chin implant procedure may also be complemented by facial liposuction to remove excess fat from the area under the chin and neck. Frequently the combination of these procedures results in the balanced appearance sought by so many patients.

The chin implant procedure usually takes between 30 and 90 minutes and can be performed under either local of general anesthetic. In some cases bone or fat from other parts of a patient’s body many be used, although in most cases a synthetic implant is the best option. The surgeon inserts the implant into a pocket under the chin after which the incision is sutured and bound. Bandages and stitches are generally removed within five days and chin implant recovery periods range from six days to almost three months for the full effects of the surgery to become truly noticeable.

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