Women around the world dream of having a firm and curvaceous Brazilian butt. This is because, quite frankly, it’s a very attractive feature that complements a woman’s form. Unfortunately, trying to improve your bum cheeks’ appearance through fitness routines can be a painful and, sometimes, fruitless exercise. In these cases, cosmetic surgery might just be the solution.

Radiating the beauty from within

Plenty of women are deeply concerned with their outward appearance, and find it difficult to wear certain types of clothing as a result. Their confidence is thwarted by the idea of not looking as good as they feel, which can prevent them from realising some of their dreams. Fortunately, these women can get that curvy firm bum they’ve been working for.

Brazilian butt surgery can help to reshape, augment and tighten up your bum the way you want it. The procedure is fairly simple and can be broken down into three main steps:

  1. Local or general anaesthesia is administered
  2. Surgeons then harvest and purify unwanted fat from other parts of the body
  3. From this extraction, the highest quality fat cells are chosen and injected into the buttocks, within close proximity of blood supply and between layers of muscle

After the Brazilian butt procedure, you’ll most likely:

  • Wear a specially designed compression outfit that assists in healing the tissue
  • Be advised to apply as little pressure as possible to your bum for some weeks
  • Sit on a padded cushion for the duration of the healing process
  • Sleep on your side or on your stomach
  • Be able to go to work if your job doesn’t require too much exercise

The cost of beauty

The price of a buttock lift will vary with each surgeon, as will the amount of work that is needed. Consulting with a professional will give you an idea of what you can expect to pay. While getting the perfect bum may be costly, FHF makes the procedure affordable. We offer payment plans that make it possible to get the look that you’re after.

Feel beautiful every day. Apply for financing now and get the Brazilian butt of your dreams.