A breast lift is a plastic surgery procedure, where the breast and nipple placement is raised slightly, and the skin and tissue is firmed and toned. Mastoplexy is the medical term for this procedure – breast size, the degree of ptosis, breast shape, skin and tissue condition and nipple placement are all factors that are used to decide the best surgical approach. After the surgeon has factored all of these factors into the equation, it should be easy for them to ascertain which procedure will address these issues best. Enquire further with your surgeon and discover the best option that will ensure a quality breast lift for your specific needs.

One or more incisions are made in the actual breast and these are used to remove excess skin as well as supportive tissue, which are the major causes for breast sagging. This is also used to raise the position of the areola and nipple. When a more extensive breast lift procedure is needed, interior breast re-sculpting may be performed, and permanent internal sutures may possibly used to support the breast. The extent of the procedure will be discussed by your surgeon; this will ensure that your expectations remain grounded in reality. The issue of scarring and complications will also be considered when deciding on the extent of the procedure. When consulting with your doctor, computer imaging can be used to ascertain (to a certain degree) the new look of your breasts.

Sagging breasts are not a health issue, but more of a psychological issue for women. Many women are unhappy with the shape of their breasts, therefore a mastoplexy procedure is meant to restore the way a female perceives herself. Even obese or overweight men suffer from drooping breasts, but to a lesser degree – for them surgery such as this is also an option. In the case of many women, they would most definitely decide that they would like to have their “younger breasts” back, so a mastoplexy is recommended by many surgeons, and is therefore one of the most popular surgical procedures, along with breast augmentation and breast reduction surgery. Breast lift surgery is an ideal option for some. Consult your physician for further options.