Dental crowns are a very popular form of dental treatment or dental implant, as they help patients with teeth that are broken or damaged. A crown is also known as a “cap” and is placed over the damaged tooth; this in turn protects the damaged tooth from additional damage.

Types of dental crown

Dental crowns are made from various materials including ceramics or porcelain. These materials normally work best as they look exactly like a normal tooth and therefore do not look out of place in the mouth. The better the quality of the crown, the more expensive the crown will be. A gold crown will last the longest, yet ceramic restoration remains one of the more popular dental crown options.

Fitting dental crowns

A cosmetic dentist will create a dental impression of the prepared tooth; the dental crown is then fabricated outside the mouth. This is an indirect method of tooth restoration, allowing the use of sturdy materials, but will require much time on your behalf, as well as multiple visits. Very often, the fitting of the crown will be done over two phases – should you be having more than one dental crown fitted, this will obviously make the process slightly longer. As always, technology continues to advance at a rapid rate, this has increased the development of both bridge and crown fabrication techniques allowing for CAD/CAM Dentistry. This is Computer-Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing.

Durability of dental crowns

It is highly unlikely for patients to have any problems with a crown, as they are very durable and remain stable in the mouth for many decades. Many patients have reported their crowns lasting in excess of fifty years or more. Temporary crowns, which are fitted while your permanent crown is being made up, are more likely to give problems, but these are resolved as soon as the permanent crown is put in place. The permanent dental crown is fitted with a much stronger form of cement and it is unlikely that it will give problems.

Dental crowns for the perfect smile

Once the crown is fitted, it may feel slightly awkward to begin with, but over a few days you will get used to it, eventually not noticing it in your mouth anymore. This is a straightforward procedure that makes a huge difference to your appearance, so that you can smile with self-confidence. Your smile is your passport to a lifetime of happiness.

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