First Health Finance provides you with an alternative payment option for your patients, with the opportunity to grow your practice by making patient financing as affordable, flexible and convenient as possible. Today, we have in excess of 1000 medical practices signed up with FHF, and pro-actively referring patients to us, where there is an affordability issue. We offer a user-friendly medical loans application process that eliminates any time-consuming administrative functions for your staff and your clients. Our rapidly growing base of medical practitioners further enables us to link patients and doctors in the same area, and in doing so increasing your potential client base. Patient finance is widely used overseas, and will assist in growing your practice, in the same way as it has assisted those practitioners overseas.

How does it work?

  • The practice receives payment directly from FHF prior to the procedure.
  • Your payment is guaranteed – this occurs prior to the procedure.
  • No paperwork for the practice, as the patient applies directly online, cutting out on the hassles often involved with paperwork.
  • An FHF consultant will make contact with the patient and handhold them through the process
  • You are free to focus on the procedure, not the collection of the payment.
  • The credit risk is carried by FHF, and not the practice itself.
  • The payment plan is negotiated directly between FHF and the patient. The practice has no involvement in any way.
  • The payment plan duration is determined by the patient’s affordability.
  • FHF provides promotional support by way of brochures to the practice.
  • There are no sign-up fees for the practice.
  • FHF is registered with the National Credit Regulator, and as such adheres to responsible lending practices.

This is the answer for any small practice, or a large business that is looking to grow their customer base as organically as possible. As a general practitioner, you cannot afford to miss out on potential business opportunities; so contact First Health Finance today and let us guide you through the steps that will incorporate our business model of medical loans with your practice.