I decided about a year ago that I wanted to go for plastic surgery. I mainly wanted breast augmentation and liposuction on my legs and thighs.

I kept watching Dr. 90210 and then did some research on the procedures on the internet. As I did not have the money to do these procedures I started researching payment options with regards to plastic surgery and then came across First Health Finance.

I thought about it for another month or two and then decided to just apply for a loan. If it got approved then I would go through with the procedures. I did get approval but only enough for one of these procedures.

I then had to start looking for a plastic surgeon, this is a bit difficult as there aren’t a lot that advertise or are available on the internet, so I contacted FHF to ask whether they maybe knew of any in Pretoria, I got two Dr’s names and then searched them on the net. I made an appointment with one of them for a consultation.

I went for the consultation and was a bit disappointed that I could not do both surgeries and had to opt for the least expensive option which was liposuction.

I was not afraid of the operation at all and made an appointment for the operation for a month later. This gave me more time to do a bit more research on the pros and cons etc.

The day of my surgery was actually exciting. I was looking forward to the experience. I went to the Brooklyn Surgical Centre, everyone there is quite helpful and they deal with a lot of plastic surgery patients so they know exactly what to do.

The operation only lasted an hour. It was a bit painful the first few days but it is bearable, the swelling also makes it difficult to see any results which made me wonder if it was actually worth it in the long run. Now about a month after my surgery I’m still wearing my pressure garment and you can notice a difference. I would have however preferred if they sucked out a bit more fat but I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I would recommend having plastic surgery to anyone who really wants to make a change and who is willing to do research long before hand, it should not be a rushed decision and what is great is that there is now a company like FHF who makes this possible for ‘normal’ people who do not have that kind of money just lying around.

I’m hoping to go for my breast augmentation next year…

I personally think more plastic surgeons should advertise on the net, that was the most difficult for me, finding a plastic surgeon, it would be nice to search for one in your area with a few testimonials and pictures as a person does not want to pay R 450 – R500 for a consultation and then you are not 100% happy.

As I said all in all it was a good experience and I am happy I did it.