My husband and I were deemed “infertile” in 2005 after trying for a baby for 2 years. After trying to save money and several loans, we set off on the Infertility Treatment journey of IVF [in vitro fertilisation] – after 2 rounds of Artificial Insemmination. Please note that Infertility treatments are medical procedures not covered by the majority of medical aid providers – including mine.

Due to my age and stress – the money we had [R20 000.00] was not enough as I was not stimulating enough on the drug protocol and only produced two eggs. The stress thereof added to our negative result. We were devastated. Thereafter, we embarked on a saving scheme mission, which never worked because there was always something else that needed to be done. Our dream of having a child of our own was slipping away slowly.

After the horrendous experience of an ectopic pregnancy in 2007, we were left with a 1% chance of falling pregnant naturally, all hope had faded.

In 2009, I came across the FHF website – and of course after so many negative experiences – I was sceptical. This was just too good to be true. Could this be our chance at becoming parents again?

The only difficult part of the whole procedure, I would say was filling in an online form – how difficult is that! FHF responded immediately. They sounded so helpful on the other side of the telephone, that my hopes began to soar. I made an appointment with our fertility specialist, received dates and protocols and we were on our way. FHF transferred the different amounts to the hospital, pharmacy and the specialist within 24 hours. I couldn’t believe it. No stress whatsoever. Due to there being no stress – I stimulated well and the rest is history.

On July 20, 2010 we will realise our dream of being parents again. Thank you FHF medical finance for helping my husband and I bring our daughter into this world. I hope other “infertilie” couples come to realise that there is a helping hand in FHF and that their dreams of holding a baby in their arms can also be fulfilled.

Best regards