I have always been aware of my “girls” from a very early age and as I continued with my daily life, I began feeling more and more aware of them. I would diet and lose weight everywhere else, but would lose just a teeny bit from my breasts. The problem would not go away. The weight, of my breasts were really uncomfortable, particularly on my back, and neck, as well as my shoulders this due to the bra straps and in summer they were hot and sweaty, but don’t talk about bra shopping. I promised myself that as soon as I could I, would go in for a breast reduction procedure.

The delay to undergo surgery was due to important life decisions such as my pregnancies (you know family matters first) as well as normal commitments and finances that had and have to be attended to first and foremost.

In general I am happy with life, and realising that next year I am heading for the big 40, I thought that after ‘doing’ for my family, it was time now to do something for myself, and my dream was soon replaced with the reality, of my decision. A decision that I don’t regret one bit, my only regret is that I should have gone earlier. But then I also believe that everything happens at its own time, even if we do wish it different.

I ‘housed’ the little ones in my body and yes, pregnancy is wonderful but it takes a lot from Mummy and Mummy’s body. With modern day advances in technology be it medical and or otherwise, as well as the accessibility to good accredited doctors that can and are able perform procedures such as breast augmentations, why then should we not make use of their abilities to ‘correct’ our bodies. I feel that I want to age with grace and a reasonably good looking body. These are things and opportunities that some of our Mummy’s did not have readily available. Life is about improving all the time, doing one thing better than the last.

I was positive before the procedure, and I am even more positive after the procedure. I love wearing tops with my surgical bra, with not even a normal bra underneath it, and at that everything remains in the place; that is, where you left it, it is really really wonderful. Before the procedure, and after gravity took over one would have to tuck them ‘girls’ into your pants, and tie them down with a belt. (Just kidding not that bad but close) I am extremely delighted with the outcome. My choice of Doctor, came after chatting to a colleague, but I made my final decision after ‘catching’ a television interview with Dr. G. Edwards, where I realised he is one of the best doctors around if not the best. When I met Dr. G. Edwards I felt totally comfortable with him and that was the cherry on top. He is a very humble, funny, and down to earth Doctor, full of humour, he did a wonderful job and I would recommend anyone to Dr. G. Edwards, just as I would recommend anyone to make use of First Health Finance as per my gratitude email to FHF as follows:

“Lastly, I just wanted to extend my sincere gratitude to all of FHF’s staff you have all been wonderful and very professional. From the first time that I liaised with you up until the timeous processing of the payments, I really appreciate it and I will definitely recommend FHF to anyone and everyone that I have not told as yet…KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK…you know it is not always about the cosmetic part of having surgery, but the confidence one feels after doing something to improve a situation that one has been battling with, in my case the breast reduction has done wonders to my confidence and I look and feel wonderful and I know my back and shoulders feel the same. This is one loan that I am never going to complain about paying, it is totally worth it, with it I have managed to change something in my life for the better.

Good luck, Godspeed and thank you,”

As for and to, and with thanks to my family and friends, Children; they have been wonderfully supportive, but the biggest support comes from my number one fan, My Wonderful Husband, I love you E man.

Marilyn Johannesburg