I was never one of those ladies lucky enough to say I was blessed with a good size pair of breasts. From as early as teenage years I dreamed and wandered what it would be like if I could have them enhanced but I knew the cost involved and that for me was more of a deterrent than anything else therefore for many years I continued to dream of it. After having 2 children years later I was left with a little ‘less’ than I had started with which was hardly anything to begin with so one can just imagine! Also, I gained a great deal of weight both my pregnancies, 30kgs with the first and 20 with the second. I worked incredibly hard at losing it all, which I did and I am very happy with the post pregnancy body I have now but with all the weight loss I unfortunately had totally lost the little breasts I had and just felt that after all the hard work I was kind of missing that ‘cherry on the top’ to make the almost perfect body I dream to have. So the decision was made to undergo a breast augmentation but only made possible due to the finance option through FHF and my loving and understanding husband who agreed for me to go through with the op and support me. I saw a few plastic surgeons and did much research on the internet but still despite all the knowledge I gained and expert opinions I received it was only until I had met with Prof. Anil Madaree that I felt 100% confident to put such a large potion of my ‘woman hood’ in his hands… And I haven’t looked back since. And behind the seen FHF were incredible, it took less than a week to complete the finance process from application to full pay out directly to the hospital and doctors it almost seemed to good to be true but it was true and who’s to say we cant live our dreams I know I am in all areas of my life.

So to anyone who’s considering and wandering just go for it, beauty is pain but well worth the effort and reward and FHF are there to help you live that dream.

Thank you FHF!!!