To whom it may concern,My upmost appreciation and gratitude goes out to FHF, if it weren’t for FHF, I could not have given my wife the one thing she wanted most. Our 1 year wedding anniversary approached, the timing was perfect.I have been with my wife in total for 6 years and recently got married in June 2007, In this time she periodically mentioned a breast augmentation procedure for her and I was always against it due to safety reasons and future complications; she is perfect in every way to me anyway; I soon realised and saw the years hurting inside and began to research the procedure and found it to be very safe so I tried to find money secretly for the procedure for her, even though I love her as she came to me, respectfully, I could now sway her mind. I made the appointment to see the surgeon as a surprise and got the “figure” (the looming amount that would crush me), now I had to find the funds, I searched my head for a solution franticly as we walked out the consultation rooms, my wife paused, I looked at her and she found your FHF flyer/brochure; her face change from surprised and anxious to a little girl that got her first kitten and I couldn’t say no.The next day I contacted the FHF offices and was greeted with the most friendliest, helpful voice; I started explaining and we got to talking, details were exchanged and with such easy payment terms, I jumped and smiled. 1 hour later I had the conformation that I could give my wife her fulfilment.

Your services and mannerisms of conducting such services is what every South African wishes service to be.

Thank you for making a wonderful woman smile and express her confidence, Thank you for giving a husband the ability to provide this to his lovely wife and thank you for your Superb services.

PS. You created a goldmine good luck to you and your clients – may they be a happy as we

Kind Regards,