Good DayI would just like to convey my sincere gratitude to Elsa. She has been absolutely wonderful.She is an absolute asset to your business, I have never in my life come across such a wonderful helpful, friendly and patient lady.I have been e-mailing and phoning her nonstop and she has been wonderful every single time. Always with a friendly and positive attitude.

I have applied for a loan and Elsa was the first person I had contact with, she told me the happy news that the loan has been approved and is now currently busy trying to help me with a difficult situation.

I would really love for her to get some recognition for the wonderful job she is doing. I will always remember her and cannot thank her enough for everything she has done so far and I’m sure for everything she is still willing to do for me.

Thank you Elsa. You are absolutely wonderful. She has made my year and is helping me receive the most wonderful Christmas gift.

My sincere gratitude.