Give Your Butt the Lift It Deserves

After months of tireless dedication to healthy diets and strenuous exercise routines, you’ve finally lost that extra weight and shaved years off your appearance. In a perfect world, your job here would be done and you’d be enjoying the body of your dreams. Unfortunately, that derriere of yours might not have received the memo. So […]

What Can a Thigh Lift Do for You?

If you’re embarrassed to don a swimsuit or wear a shorter skirt because of sagging skin on your upper legs, a thigh lift may be the solution you’ve been looking for. By restoring the natural contours of the area, you’ll be able to achieve a youthful and toned appearance. A Surgical Solution Unlike liposuction, which […]

Thermage Treatment

When it comes to non-surgical skin tightening, thermage treatment is an effective solution to restore your body’s youthful elasticity. That’s why FHF is proud to help our clients finance this procedure. It acts directly on your existing collagen proteins to increase tension and promote new growth. If you have laxity issues that are too slight […]

Are you a candidate for breast reduction surgery?

Before you start prepping for your breast reduction, it’s important to understand if and why you’re a healthy candidate for this surgery. Unlike with augmentation, it is uncommon for this procedure to be purely cosmetic in nature. The truth is that there’s no ideal breast size. The aim of a reduction surgery is to make […]

Medical Equipment Finance

The Changing Face of Equipment Finance:   Many doctors smile as they recall the wonderful days of *** Bank, where obtaining an approval for finance was as easy as a phone call. You see, 10 years ago, finance and banking was different.  Very different. The industry has changed, for many reasons, and will probably never […]