Meet Dr Van Niekerk

We thought we would shed some light on a very successful dentist, in Ballito, Dr Marthinus van Niekerk, who runs a very busy practice. We asked him some pertinent questions, so we could get to know the man behind the practice. What made you choose your current profession? The short answer to that question would […]

Braces for my Son

My son is 11 years old, he has a problem with his teeth. they are protruding out from his lips, and I am afraid he will hate his looks when grows up, I think I should put him in braces but I don’t know if there is another option, please Dr help my son. Hi, its best […]

Dental Finance Enquiry

Hi Scott, sorry for late reply, its easy to apply for finance, all you need to do is go to and apply online. A consultant will get back to you, and we pay your dentist directly on your behalf. Easy monthly payments from there. Good Luck   I am having huge problems with my […]

Dental Finance

Most patients get finance for procedures that they want, such as cosmetic surgery, however there are procedures that many patients need which they don’t have funds for, yet still will not seek financial assistance. An example of this would include but not be limited to dentistry. Many people are afraid of the dentist which keeps […]