Meet Dr Van Niekerk

We thought we would shed some light on a very successful dentist, in Ballito, Dr Marthinus van Niekerk, who runs a very busy practice. We asked him some pertinent questions, so we could get to know the man behind the practice. What made you choose your current profession? The short answer to that question would […]

Doc Profile: Dr Dirk Lazarus

How long have you been in practice? I have been in practice since 1998. My practice is almost purely cosmetic although I also have an interest in cleft lip and palate surgery. What is the most popular procedure you perform, and why do you think this is? Botox is the most popular non surgical procedure […]

Dental Finance

Most patients get finance for procedures that they want, such as cosmetic surgery, however there are procedures that many patients need which they don’t have funds for, yet still will not seek financial assistance. An example of this would include but not be limited to dentistry. Many people are afraid of the dentist which keeps […]

Breast Reduction

The breast reduction procedure is a medical procedure performed by a plastic surgeon, to reduce the size of the breasts, and very often shift the breast slightly on the chest wall. In many cases, this procedure is not done for aesthetic reasons; it is performed to reduce pain caused by large breasts. The pain could […]