Breast Reduction

The breast reduction procedure is a medical procedure performed by a plastic
surgeon, to reduce the size of the breasts, and very often shift the breast slightly
on the chest wall. In many cases, this procedure is not done for aesthetic reasons;
it is performed to reduce pain caused by large breasts. The pain could come
from the back, the neck, or shoulders. Most clients of First Health Finance
that have undergone this procedure have sworn it was the best thing they ever
did, and should have done this earlier. In most cases, their back/neck/shoulder
pain is largely gone

Certain medical aids will cover this procedure, if it has been explained in writing,
backed up by the relevant doctor, as to why the procedure is necessary.
However, many medical aids still view the procedure as elective, and will then
repudiate the cover. Even though there are medical reasons why a patient should
be covered, we recommend talking to your specialist and medical aid prior to
booking your procedure date.

The procedure typically takes a few hours, and sometimes a patient can go home the
same day. The operation is performed under general anesthetic, either in the
doctors own theatre, or in a general hospital. The healing process takes a
while, and some scarring will exist. The incision is near the areola, and runs
down the infra mammary crease. The scars are quite obvious, but do fade over

In terms of pain management, your specialist will provide meds to help with the
pain over the first few days, and after 3 or 4 days the pain should be reduced
significantly. After 2 or 3 weeks, most of the FHF patients have returned to
work feeling great. Follow up consults will follow with your plastic surgeon,
in order to ensure healthy healing.

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