In this day and age, medical insurance is considered a must for some, but merely a luxury to others. Even for those committed to paying that lump sum every month, there’s still the reality of providers not covering every kind of medical procedure, such as cosmetic treatments.

Unhappy in your own skin, without the additional finances, who can you turn to? Companies like First Health Finance. We can provide you with medical procedure loans that cover a full range of medical services, including:

Beauty from Within

Whether you have a disfigurement, you’re unable to fall pregnant or you just want to go through life without your spectacles, FHF can make it happen. Emotionally based ailments can eventually play a role in your mental dissatisfaction as well.

Without a plan to cover your surgery, you’re looking at bills that can easily soar in excess of R50 000. To make it worse, that figure excludes medication, hospital stays and possible emergency fees as well.

Healing your body and making you into the person that you want to be is our mission. Through our structured plans, which take your financial situation into consideration, we’re here to help.

We even offer an optional credit protection plan as added coverage, in the unlikely event that something unexpected occurs. Fortunately, only very few of our clients have needed to use these funds, but the peace of mind and security it gives is priceless.

The Road to Recovery

Having the option of medical procedure finance means that you’re no longer at the mercy of insurance providers. It also means that you can fund your surgery and focus on the healing process ahead, without the stress of a monthly bill.

How does it work?

Well, once your application has been approved and signed, FHF pays your fees directly to your practitioner. This means that you can carry on receiving care during your rehabilitation, and simply connect with FHF afterwards to determine a settlement plan.

Whether you desperately need the surgery for health purposes or to restore your self-confidence, FHF is there to help.