Life has become increasingly expensive, forcing more and more people to budget for luxuries such as elective cosmetic surgery. But even with strict budgets in place, most people cannot afford and don’t include the possibility of additional surgical costs, in the event of surgical complications that, although unfortunate and infrequent, can and do happen. That is why I encourage ALL my patients, to make use of FHF Assure when booking and having surgery. For a low once off premium, my patients can be assured that these possible unforeseen costs will be covered.

Dr Russel John Walton, Johannesburg
Plastic Surgeon

I had been considering liposuction treatment for quite a while, and knew that my medical aid scheme would not cover this cosmetic procedure. It was a pleasure to find out that a company offers medical loan payment plans, making plastic surgery affordable to people like me. I have now been able to lose the excess weight I had never been able to shed by going to the gym. The medical procedure itself was fairly quick, and my cosmetic surgeon was fantastic. Your loan application consultants were incredible, throughout the loan application and processing. I highly recommend using First Health Finance for the financing of plastic surgery procedures.

Leonie, Durban

The arrival of FHF as a medical loan facilitation service has allowed many infertile couples the opportunity to afford IVF treatment and realise their dream of having a child. The staff have considerable experience in the medical financial services sector and their professional and caring manner gives vulnerable fertility treatment patients the confidence to feel secure and happy when dealing with the company.  We hear only good things about First Health Financing!

Dr. Paul le Roux – Cape Fertility Clinic
Reproductive Medicine Specialist and Director

When we were told we had to consult with a fertility specialist, I was heartbroken. We then found out how much IVF treatment costs. We were referred to your medical treatment financing service, who would apparently help with the IVF treatment financing. I was nervous to talk about such a private thing, but then discovered how warm and friendly the financing consultants are. They knew all about the fertility procedure, and knew all the fertility specialists. They paid our reproductive specialist directly. We are now on our way through the fertility treatment process itself. We have faith that we will be blessed with a child eventually. Thank you to Megan at First Health Finance, who was an absolute star.

Debbie, Tokai, Cape Town

My son needed to have orthodontic treatment performed. We were shocked by the cost of braces yet relieved to hear we could finance orthodontic treatment through First Health Finance. I applied online, and was called within a few hours requesting a few more documents. The loan application process was really easy; they even paid the orthodontist directly on our behalf. The dental braces are now fitted, and we are able to pay off the braces using FHF. The medical loan processing and service was impeccable, and I would happily use them again for other medical financing requirements.

Lorna, Centurion, Gauteng

Note of thanks for excellent service in securing financing for plastic surgery costs I would like to place on record my sincere appreciation to Megan for the excellent service that I received from her in the course of the approval of the personal loan for my cosmetic surgery procedure.In the course of my application I found Megan to be considerate and understanding which allayed many of the fears I initially had regarding acquiring a personal loan for the purposes of funding my plastic surgery costs. Her ethical and efficient demeanor went a long way in establishing in my mind the excellent ethos your company no doubt stands for.Due to this experience I no doubt will happily and comfortably bring any future cosmetic surgery related loan requirements to you.

Furthermore, it will be more than a pleasure for me to recommend your personal loan financing service to anyone seeking cosmetic surgery financial assistance.

She furthermore understood my personal circumstances and always made me feel at ease with the many questions and concerns I had regarding plastic surgery costs. She dealt with my personal circumstances in an understanding and sensitive manner making me feel like her only client. Her loyalty and cheerful disposition, I trust, will no doubt help contribute to your company’s success. In a society where poor service delivery has largely become a culture, it is refreshing to be a client of Megan (and ultimately having my cosmetic surgery finance needs handled by FHF) who genuinely has the interests of her clients at heart and to whom excellent service is a hallmark.

Once again my sincere gratitude to you for making an otherwise tedious personal loan application
processes a simple one.


Thank you MeganIt’s all becoming a reality. I will chat with you once I am a new woman!Thank you for your efficient and courteous service and thank you First Health Finance for making my dreams a reality!I am most grateful.

Kindest regards


Thank you once again, maybe we will be doing business with you again.Impeccable service, I will certainly not hesitate to refer anyone to you!!! Kindest Regards


Hi Stacey,Thank you very kindlyLastly, I just wanted to extend my sincere gratitude to all of FHF’s staff you have all been wonderful and very professional. From the first time that I liaised with you up until the timeous processing of the payments, I really appreciate it and I will definitely recommend FHF to anyone and everyone that I have not told as yet…KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK…you know it is not always about the cosmetic part of having surgery, but the confidence one feels after doing something to improve a situation that one has been battling with, in my case the breast reduction has done wonders to my confidence and I look and feel wonderful and I know my back and shoulders feel the same. This is one thing that I am never going to complain about paying, it is totally worth it, with it I have managed to change something in my life for the better.Good luck, Godspeed and thank you,


I would like to commend you on the excellent service that we received when one of my patients required financial assistance for her medical procedure.The payment was immediate and the whole process was completely satisfactory.I look forward to any further business relationship with your company.Thank you,

Dr. Y Jadwat